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WELCOME [Tue Aug 7 @ 10:24am]
Before proceeding, please read my few simple rules.

All past icons can be found in the memories. All past brush sets and tutorials can be found in the userinfo. If you're taking any icons, please remember to comment and credit!
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[Sun Aug 14 @ 5:57pm]
All icons have been and will be henceforth posted on my new LJ, decemberine.

SLYTHERIN GIRLS [Sun Feb 27 @ 9:20pm]
Sup. Slytherin sex pride, yo. With images from Gabriele Rigon.

6 Slytherin girlsCollapse )
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LOST DOLLS [Thu Feb 24 @ 4:43pm]
Dolls (and icons, natch) made with elouai's female and male dollmakers! No need to credit the dolls, but as always credit the icons. And OMG NO HOTLINKING OR I KEEL YOU! <3

( This lj-cut isn't fake in the SLIGHTEST )

LOST: HOMECOMING [Sun Feb 13 @ 7:15pm]
OMGSPOILERS! Probably shouldn't look at these if you haven't seen Homecoming yet, don't say I didn't warn you! Lyrics from I'm Still Here by Johnny Rzeznik, textures by teh_indy.

14 homecomingsCollapse )
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LOST [Fri Jan 28 @ 12:31am]
Or as I like to call it, OMGLOSTSQUEEEEEEE! Icons with promotionals, no spoilers etc.

28 black rocksCollapse )
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UGLY MONKEY BOX [Thu Jan 20 @ 11:04am]
Yays! Got screencaps of the ugly monkey box from cleolinda herself, so have made icons, because an ugly monkey box saying "OH SNAP" is too good to pass up. Probably nobody is going to actually use these, but oh well. I WILL.

8 oh snapsCollapse )
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PHANTOM IN 15 MINUTES [Thu Jan 20 @ 12:12am]
Because cleolinda is GOD. The Phantom of the Opera in 15 Minutes now in icon form yays!

20 ugly monkey boxesCollapse )
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LOST: SAWYER/KATE [Tue Jan 11 @ 10:22am]

Tons o' discount icons, plus a wallpaperCollapse )
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LOST: SAWYER [Sun Jan 9 @ 8:03pm]
YES, ANOTHER ONE. STFU.                                                                    

Beautiful fucked-up manCollapse )
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LOST: SAWYER/KATE [Sun Jan 9 @ 6:51pm]
All right, I couldn't help myself. I'm addicted to Sawyer/Kate. Plus I had nothing better to do all day, so.

Oh the angstCollapse )

LOST: SAWYER [Sun Jan 9 @ 4:10pm]
Just a wallpaper this time, because making discount icons from it didn't seem to work. Anyway!

Dear Mr. SawyerCollapse )
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LOST: SAWYER/KATE [Sun Jan 9 @ 1:49pm]
Well hello there. Lost wallpaper and discount icons for the taking.

20 jungles full of sexual tensionCollapse )
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IMAGE PACK [Tue Dec 28 @ 10:13am]
Thanks to the wonderful, dazzling, stunning, and superb jamandbread, I can now offer an image pack for the last tiny text brush set! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you jamandbread! CLICK FOR THE IMAGE PACK!
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TINY TEXT BRUSHES #2 [Tue Dec 7 @ 1:17am]
Since a bazillion people and their dogs all downloaded the first set, I thought I'd feed the laziness and make some more! Hurrah! This set is more straight-laced for those of you who like things horizontal. (Oh, I just realized how naughty that sounds.)

Image pack coming... some day. It's after 1am and I really need to get to sleep!

EDIT - IMAGE PACK! No, it's not up yet. I'm working mad hours this week and hardly am finding time to eat, let alone make an image pack. Plus this weekend is my birthday so I will be out having fun and celebrating. If any kind soul would be willing to make me an image pack for this set I would pledge my eternal soul to you! Image pack was made by the lovely jamandbread whom now owns my eternal soul. CLICK FOR THE IMAGE PACK!

Subliminal D/Hr messages? Hmmm...Collapse )
121 +

TINY TEXT BRUSHES [Wed Dec 1 @ 12:06pm]
For lazy people like me who hate taking the time to actually write out all that tiny text for decoration!


Can you read me nowCollapse )
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PRISONER OF AZKABAN [Tue Nov 30 @ 11:38pm]
Since I've been sick with A. the flu, B. strep throat, C. laryngitis, or D. all of the above, I've had an excess amount of time to make icons. Yet somehow I only came up with ten. Hmmm, go figure. I am UBERTRENDY by using WAYTOOMUCH white space yay!

Screencaps and brushes by teh_indy. (Who else?)

Oh and warning: this is the ONLY R/Hr icon you will ever see from me, and I honestly don't know HOW that made its way in there, my brain must be really fried from this virus I have. To make up for it there are subliminal messages promoting D/Hr in all of the tiny text.

10 wastes of white spaceCollapse )
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WALLPAPER [Mon Nov 29 @ 9:48pm]
Instead of making the POA icons I wanted to, I spent two hours making this! Dedicated to someone I love.

My love for you, insatiableCollapse )
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MAGAZINEY BRUSHES [Mon Nov 29 @ 5:40pm]
Because I really like that tiny magazine page effect I'm seeing on some icons. These are all actually made from screenshots of various websites, but they look like magazine pages, right? Right?

EDIT; link now actually works!!!1111

thiscutissocanonCollapse )
25 +

TEXTURE BRUSHES [Mon Nov 15 @ 2:56pm]
More fun with fonts! Hurrah! Four sets of texture brushes completely nicked from font sets that aren't mine so I must be breaking some sort of copyright laws but who cares.

Break the law, it's fun!Collapse )
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